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The start of a new school year

In School on August 26, 2009 at 2:07 am

Every year at this time I get excited. Regardless of how much I got done, or didn’t get done, during the summer and regardless of how prepared I am for the new year, I get excited. New students come in and I get to meet them. Other students return and tell me what they’ve learned over the summer. The different things they do amaze me. Some have been working on robotics systems at NASA, others have been developing Web applications and yet others have been doing some interesting research. They come back with so many interesting ideas and enthusiasm for continuing their work with their courses and especially their MQPs.

This year I’ve promised myself that I’m going to limit the number of projects that I advise. Last year I had eleven of them and that just didn’t work. I wasn’t able to do a good job as an advisor. In previous years I had several MQPs that went together on umbrella projects like Webfoot. Last year I didn’t have any like that. This year will be different. I’ve got three (at least) that will all be working on WPISuite, the Webfoot replacement and new software engineering workbench and collaboration framework.

But what I really get excited about are the courses. I’m giving the Object-oriented Analysis and Design course for the seventh time. I’ve taught it every year that I’ve been at WPI. It’s evolved every bit as much as my software engineering course. I really like it because it’s more technical and intellectually challenging than the software engineering course.

This year I’m adding some material on the OSGi framework and am going to introduce Maven as a build tool. Should be lots of fun.