Who am I?

After almost 40 years in industry, I realized my dream of retiring early to go teach at a university. I was fortunate to find the ideal position as a Professor of Practice, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I started as a full-time faculty member in 2003 and love the job. I teach mainly software engineering, object-oriented analysis and design, compilers, and a course in Webware. My research interests, when I have time for them, are currently focused on how software can support collaboration and creativity. My home page at WPI is here

I have been a judge for the Jolt awards sponsored by CMP Media for several years. I’ve co-authored three books and am currently writing my first book as the sole author on software engineering. This book approaches software engineering the way I teach it in my classes at WPI.

On the non-professional side, I love to travel, ride my bicycle, cook, take photographs, and play at native flutes and the mandolin. I am a Catholic Christian who is active in my local parish and I spend a lot of time studying other spiritual traditions. There is much to learn from the wisdom of the different traditions.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it for now.


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