Dragon Dictate

In Technology on February 7, 2011 at 7:12 pm

I’m writing this post using Dragon Dictate which I ordered last week. I have to admit that I’m really impressed by how easy it is to install and get started using. When I got home today it took me about 15 min. from the time I got the box opened  until I was ready to start  training it to recognize my voice. After about 5 min. it was ready to go.

This post is the first document that I’m actually writing with my voice. The accuracy is, to me, uncanny. There’ve been very few errors in (except for the word errors that I just had to try several times to get right). But this is just with the basic training of my voice. I can go back later a innd train it in a more advanced way so that even “errors” will be no problem.

I’m hoping that this will give me the ability to write better by not editing as I write. When I type documents, especially for books and articles, I tend to edit as I write. Almost every book or article on writing says that editing as you write is a bad practice. If I can break myself of that habit I should be able to express my thoughts better and then go back and edit the document for correctness and clarity.

My hope is that this will help me get back to writing my software engineering book and maybe even finish it this summer. It’s only been 2+ years that I’ve been working on the book and I’m still only a chapter 5. Part of the problem is that I simply take too long to get something on paper and then have to go back and review the things I’ve written every time I try and start again. Perhaps this will get me into  a regular routine to keep current on my writing.

Whatever, there is no doubt in my mind that the technology used in Dragon  Dictate is quite advanced. Right now, after a short trial, I would heartily recommend anyone use, or at least try, Dragon Dictate or the Windows version of the Dragon product.

I’ll keep you posted.


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