POSSE Day 2: Getting into the code

In OpenSource on June 8, 2010 at 10:35 pm

So, today we got into the Python code for one of the Sugar Activities: abacus. Adding a new abacus to the code was very painless. The code was quite readable—at least for the things we needed to do—and very easy to work with. There are some obvious refactorings that I noticed, and that Walter mentioned, like generating some of the callbacks, etc. dynamically. I might take a whack at that sometime.

As for the workshop day, it was much less hectic. In fact, there were a couple of hours with not a lot to do. I think the group was waiting for some guidance from Mel and Walter and they were busy in IRC with some Sugar and SoaS issues. I wish we had known that and I probably would have gone and tried to focus on something interesting or at least gotten my release of WPI Suite built.

The project for the next couple of days

Jerry Breecher and I are going to look at getting some tests done for the Activity selected for the group. Right now, it’s not clear whether it will be the Measure Activity or the Sets Activity. If Walter gets Measure to the point it can run by tomorrow that will be it. In either case, it doesn’t look like there’s much of a standard for testing so it should be fun to take a whack at it. The goal is to have a good set of smoke tests that can give an indication of the Activity’s readiness. We’ll look at some existing tests from some of the modules and emulate them or try to do better (something like PyUnit maybe).


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