In Uncategorized on August 8, 2009 at 4:27 pm

After years of reading blogs I thought it’s about time I started blogging. I”mnot sure if it’s a waste of time, a time sink, or something that might be useful. I’m kind of tired of using Twitter to express any reasonable idea. In fact I just cant do it in 255 characters. However, Twitter does have its uses.

I plan to use this to add thoughts about software development, maybe even some software engineering thoughts.

There are other things that concern me that have nothing to do with software and computers. Specifically, after years of being apathetic about politics and social issues, I’ve become more interested, and appalled at what those in power are doing. I don’t plan on having posts that are biased towards the left or right–after all, it seems like the moronic behavior does not respect party lines.

I’ll also post travel-related articles. If I could, I’d travel at least six months out of the year. Travel is one of the most mind-broadening experiences one can have.

I don’t know what else will go on these pages, but I’m sure that something will go there. Anyway, if you enjoy what you read, or it gets your dander up and you want to comment, I welcome all views. But I just ask that you keep things civil. Intelligent discourse and debate is a great learning tool.

So, welcome and read on.


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